Configuring Shipping Options

In order for your products to reach the customers purchasing those you will need to think for the best Shipping method which will be both affordable and fast in terms of time required for the delivery of the product. WooCommerce provide you with the option to fully manage the shipping methods on your website and in the next few lines of this tutorial we will show you how this should be achieved.


To configure the Shipping Options of your Store, you need to: #

Step 1  Access the Shipping Options page #

In order to reach the Shipping Option page you will need to login into the admin area of your WordPress installation. Then from the WooCommerce menu you should access the Settings link which will take you to the default page for the settings of your Store.


accessing the shipping options page


Then please click on the Shipping tab from the tabbed menu and you will see all the available shipping options you should configure.


Step 2  Configure the Shipping Options #

Now that you have accessed the page for the configuration of the Shipping option it is time to proceed with their configuration. On the page you will be able to find the following options:


  • Shipping Calculations – Here you will be able to enable/disable the shipping calculator and also to hide/show the shipping costs before a valid address is entered
  • Shipping Display Mode – Here you can define how all of the shipping methods should be displayed
  • Shipping Destination – Here you can configure the default shipping address that will be used
  • Restrict shipping to Location(s) – Here you can restrict for the shipping to be worldwide or for concrete countries only
  • Shipping Methods – Here you will be able to find a complete list for all of the supported Shipping methods of your Store


configuring the shipping options page


Once you are done configuring the Shipping option you should simply scroll down to the bottom of the page and use the Save Changes button in order for all the shipping options to be saved.


configuring the shipping options page


Congratulations! You now know how to fully setup the Shipping Options of your WooCommerce based Online Store!

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