Enabling APC Caching in cPanel

Gif Webhosting supports opcode caching such as APC, eAccelerator, and XCache on all shared hosting plans. You can greatly improve your website performance by enabling opcode caching. Some of the most popular applications such as PrestaShop, Magento, Boonex Dolphin, and others fully support these caching options. To activate APC caching for your account, please log in to your cPanel and refer to the Select PHP version icon under the Software and Services Section.

cPanel Select PHP Version

From the PHP Module selector tick the APC option to activate the APC PHP extension.

Make sure you save your changes via the Save button. This will activate the APC module for your account and now you can configure your application to use APC caching.

To further tweak your settings you may increase or decrease the APC memory block via the PHP Settings section.

From the PHP Settings list click on the drop down for the apc.shm_size variable and select the desired memory block. When you are ready click on the Apply button and save your settings.

Now you should have APC enabled and ready for caching.

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