How to Change the Max Memory and Max Upload Limit

Changing of PHP variables is easy on our shared hosting plans. You have full control and you can easily configure specific PHP setup for your account. This can be achieved via cPanel so you do not need to contact the Support team for that.

In order to change the memory_limit and upload_max_filesize values, you need to access your cPanel account first. Locate the Software and Services section on the page and click on Select PHP Version. At the top right corner of the screen, you will notice a button named Switch To PHP Settings. Go to that page and you will be able to change the memory_limit and upload_max_filesize values to the ones you need for your application.

When you complete the change, click on the Save button on the left bottom corner of the page and the system will do the rest. Open your website and you will be able to use the new configuration of your account.

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