How to Change your PHP version via cPanel

GifWebhosting supports multiple PHP versions on every shared hosting package. You can change your PHP version and enable or disable different PHP modules via the web-based interface in your cPanel. By the time of this tutorial, the default PHP version on our servers is PHP 7.4 but you can apply a different version for your account if your application or script requires it.

To change your PHP version, please log in to your cPanel and refer to the Software and Services section and click on the Select PHP Version icon.

Via the cPanel PHP Selector interface drop-down menu, you can see all the available PHP versions.

To change the current version of your hosting account simply select the desired version and click on Set as Current. This will reload the page and gives you the option to enable or disable different PHP modules available for the desired PHP version.

We have a default PHP modules configuration that you can load by using the Reset to Default button and get a green message box that indicates success. You can also select your custom configuration which will be saved automatically after each time you add or remove a checkmark.

In addition to the module selector, you can edit your account php.ini file which allows you to apply custom PHP variables for your account. You can perform this via the Switch to PHP Settings button.

Via the PHP settings section, you can modify variables such as the max_execution_time and the memory_limit for your PHP executions.

Additionally, you can also easily enable the log_errors and change upload_max_filesize.

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