How to Resolve “You must have the zone edit feature to take this action” Error

The error in question usually appears when you perform a change in the configuration for some of the features of the cPanel service we offer to all our customers. The cause of this issue, of course, is the missing Advanced DNS Zone Editor feature, however, that feature is already supported by our service.

So where does this issue come from?

With every single Hosting Package you purchase with us, we are supplying a variety of different and useful features for you to choose from. The Advanced DNS Zone Editor is one of those features and the error in question should not appear there. However just in case any of our Shared Hosting customers face it, they should immediately submit a support ticket so our Technical Support Team can get that sorted for them.

This article is mainly for the VPS and Dedicated Servers clients because not always the Advanced DNS Zone Editor feature will be enabled, especially if these customers are managing their own cPanel packages. The activation of the mentioned feature is quite simple – all you have to do is to access your WHM account -> Packages -> Feature Manager. On the following page, you should choose the default feature list from the “Edit a Feature List” drop-down menu and press the Edit button. Now you should be redirected to the “Edit cPAddons Site Software Feature list” where you should simply check the Advanced DNS Zone Editor checkbox and press the Save button which is located at the bottom of the page.

If you face any difficulties activating this feature on your own, please submit a Support Ticket from within your client area with us so our Technical Support Team can take care of this issue for you immediately.

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