How to set a Parked/Aliases Domains in cPanel

Aliases are additional domains that point to the same website as your account’s primary domain name. This feature is useful if you would like to have several domains with different extensions pointed to your website, for example – mydomain.com, mydomain.net, mydomain.info.

Additionally, you can use the parked domains feature if you have recently changed your primary domain name but you do not want to lose your old domain name traffic. By parking your previous domain name you will have your website accessible via both your new and old domain name.

To add a parked domain, please click on the Parked Domains icon under the Domains section of your cPanel.

Input your parked domain full name and click on the Add Domain button to have your additional domain name parked on top of your primary one.

Be advised that your parked domain name must be pointed to your hosting account DNS settings in order to access your website via it.

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