How to setup an Addon Domain in cPanel

cPanel has a functionality called “Addon Domains”. It allows you to have multiple domains configured on a single hosting account with different root directories. That means that you can have stand-alone websites with different domains managed by a single cPanel account.


You should have your new domain already pointed to your account’s Nameservers before you add it as Addon Domain in cPanel. This could be easily done via your Gif Webhosting client area if you bought the domain from us. If your domain is managed via another dashboard, you must enter that particular system and edit your Nameservers there.

To add an addon domain to your hosting account, please click on the Addon Domains icon under the Domains section in your cPanel.



On the next page, you will need to input your addon domain name, subdomain, and document root along with an FTP username and password. These values will be auto-filled for you after you enter your addon domain name with the exception of the FTP password, which you can generate with 100/100 strength via the appropriate button.



When an addon domain name is created, a subdomain is created as well by cPanel because an addon domain is a parked domain on that subdomain for the Apache VirtualHost, which is an essential part of your hosting account. The FTP username and password are optional and should be added only if you need a separate FTP account to your addon domain.

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